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What Causes Sand Making Machine Wear and Tear?



People engaged in sand making industry all know that sand making machine is very easy to get worn, so they often prepare one or two spare equipment and spare parts in the storehouse in case abnormal situation occurs. It is inescapable to get the equipment worn, after all, it is made to process hard rock. And the dusty working environment also makes the equipment run ineffectively.

Generally there are two types of processing mode for sand making machine, commonly knows as ‘stone hit stone’ and ‘stone hit iron’. If the equipment is continuously running for more than 12 hours per day, then you will see obvious wear and tear.

There are many reasons causing the machine wear and tear, such as the improper selection of vulnerable parts material, unreasonable design of equipment structure and negligence of machine maintenance.

As we all know, metals going through different treatment or made of different materials have totally different wear resistance performances, so we need to balance the relationship between the mechanical property and wear resistance performance of the equipment. As for machine structure, we should also design it properly.

Then we should pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. Sand making machine is often in a dusty environment, so after a period of time, the machine internal and external will be filled with dust, causing obstruction to the machine running, which will further reduce the working efficiency and shorten the service life of the machine. Therefore, we suggest you to maintain and clean the machine every week.