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What is the working process of the treatment of sludge with high efficiency and multi frequency dewatering screen



General mineral processing plant in the exploitation of mine resources always left some sludge that containing a lot of water , the sludge if not, will flow into the rivers and cause water pollution, but the treatment is more trouble, because of the sludge is not only content, and volume is large, so general dewatering equipment is difficult. However, since the emergence of dehydration sieve, the sludge has been properly handled, then the dewatering screen is how to deal with it, what is the work process.
After Longzhong heavy industry manufacturers at the customer site observation of the actual operation that directly with sieve dehydration treatment sludge, then the effect is not good, sludge removal is not clean, water can only be the mud to wash a part, so be combined with other equipment used in conjunction, dewatering screen will be sand water mixture is fed to a cyclone, centrifugation, the classification of spinning the grit mouth provided to the vibration sieve, after dewatering sieve dehydration, tailings and water are effectively separated, a small amount of spinning, mud and back feed box back to cleaning tank, cleaning tank liquid level is too high, the discharge port of discharge. At this time the linear dehydration sieve recovery material weight concentration can reach 70%-85%. The fineness modulus can be adjusted by changing the speed of the pump, changing the concentration of the mortar, adjusting the overflow water and replacing the sand nozzle to complete the three functions of cleaning, dewatering and grading.