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Why sand recycling machine can recycling fines?


Sand recycling machine is an essential equipment in sand processing plant, it is mainly followed sand washing machine or dewatering screen in working site. It can recycle 0.074-3mm fine sand. Its existence is precisely to make up for sand washer can’t process fine sand.

sand recycling machine

Why it can recycle these fine sand?
Recycling fine sand is mainly by cyclone, which can separate solid and water by centrifugal force.

How cyclone to recycle these fine sand?
Mud water from sand washing machine into the tank of sand recycling machine by chute. Then the sand and water mixture is pumped into cyclones by slurry pump through rubber pipes, sand will be collected by the centrifugal force of cyclone, then fed onto polyurethane screen from apex spray for dewatering. The waste water will flow back to the return box, through weld chute or water pipes flowing to a settling pond.

sand recycling machine