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Why the real price of the recycling machine is different with website price of it ?


Today customer service got a call from the customer, consulting fine sand recycling machine price.The Customers service to price quote to the customer, customer is not satisfied.He said he saw on the Internet is not the same price, why the price differ so much?


LZZG explain here, all the prices on the site by electronic commerce gives the measure of the price, not real and effective.Because we don’t sure the sand recycling machine model, configuration, so the price is hard to unified regulation on the website.

Because of fine sand recycling equipment cost is high, the market now is not uniform and stable.A lot of miscellaneous brands, small manufacturer of equipment to disrupt the market price.So the price on the website are not to be trusted, whatever the price marked on site, you still want to the factory on-the-spot investigation.Some is hard to live online prices, website down some target, some mark up, cannot serve as the basis of fine sand recycling machine to buy.If you really want to buy the right equipment, considering the real equipment.Merchants will not lose to sell to you in this, the low price of equipment, you still really not dare to buy!
So, If you want to add a sand recycling machine, you can choose to shop around.From the price, quality and then make a decision after comparing.But hard to live the price of this site, which factory will not sell.