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Why use vibrating dewatering screen?


QWhy use vibrating dewatering screen

The vibration dewatering screen is used for dehydration, desilting, and can also be used for coal slime recycling, coal washing plant, sand industry, also used in mines, iron ore, etc. So why use vibrating dewatering screen?

Due to the sand processing by the sand washing machine is not very clean, in order to get a high standard, low silt content of sand, we must use dewatering screen for further dehydration, which improved the quality of the sand.

For a coal washing plant, the washing machine cannot be used because of the large amount of water, which will wash the coal along with water, but the washing plant can use the dewatering dewater. The machine is similar to fine sand recycling machine, which separates coal and water from the water and decreases the loss of coal.