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How long is the service life of the dewater screen plate?

For many users of dewater screen, sieve plate quality is very vital, because the sieve plate directly affects the quality of production, reducing the economic benefits. Although sieve plate once damaged, you can just replace a new one, but after all, to replace the sieve plate is very trouble and unnecessary thing, so no one wants to continue to do useless job. Today we talk about the service life of the dewater screen made by LZZG brand.


Question 1: How long is the service life of polyurethane sieve? How can we do to reduce the frequency of sieve plate replacement?
Answer: In general, the service life of the polyurethane sieve can use more than 3 months, and even within 1 to 2 years, you need to compute the material thickness on the surface of the screen, to choose the right equipment type, material layer in 50-100 mm, reduce the equipment overload, it can increase the life of a sieve plate, at the same time, it also can reduce the frequency of sieve plate replacement.


Question 2: What is the material of dewater screen plate? Why should we adopt this material?

Answer: LZZG used polyurethane sieve plate. The sieve plate lining of high strength steel plate, has the advantage of high wear resistance. A single piece of sieve plate area is small, the replacement cost is low.
Question 3: Does dehydration sieve plate wall easily? How can we do to avoid mesh blocking the hole of the screen?
Answer: Dehydration sieve plate does not wall. Sieve plate from LZZG is Inverted triangular design. Dry row with sieve plate is established by filter layer of dehydration, does not affect the dehydration effect.