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Filter Press for mineral oil, Fertilizer and Chemical Industry


filter press

oil or mineral oil filter press

In the oil filtering process, frame & plate filter press is the main part of the system. After an increase of temperature of oil, clay added to oil sample and mixed. This oil and clay mixed liquid is pumped to filter press machine which has frame&plate type plates and covered cotton filter press clothes with filter paper.

Fertilizer Industry

Our special design liquid fertilizer filter press machine can archive purification of liquid fertilizer. This helps sedimentation of particles in the package of liquid fertilizer also prevents clogging problems of pumping for irrigation systems.


Filter Press for Chemical Industry

High purity chemical production is provided by using our specific chemical filter press which used special filter cloths and filter papers.

filter press for sludge dewatering

Mining industry

Marble or stone minings require a huge amount of clean water to perform. Our filter press products towards to mining industry are desing to filter and treatment of used water originating from the stone cutting process.