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Hydrocyclone sand washing machine


Hydrocyclone sand washing machine is used to wash and recover the sand dissolved in the water that comes from washing the aggregates through sediment separation and fine sand extraction, so they are also called sediment separator, fine sand extractor, fine sand collector, tailings recovery machine, mine recovery machine. Hydrocyclone sand washing machines can be installed at the end of gravel or beneficiation production line to reduce the amount of fine sand loss and environmental pollution to make fine sand can be fully utilized, which improves the return on investment and the economics value.


Hydrocyclone sand washing machine


From the perspective of large and medium-sized stone factories, sand washing plants and artificial sand production lines at home and abroad, more than 90% of them are applied wet processing. So part of fines will be loss from sand washing machine, especially 0.074–0.2mm, 20% will be loss. The consequences are as follows:

1. Loss of fine sand below 0.2mm affects the gradation of sand, resulting in unreasonable gradation, unreasonable fineness modulus, and greatly reduced sand quality;

2. Excessive fine sand and sludge entering the sedimentation tank cause siltation of sedimentation tank, which not only pollutes the environment, but also costs a lot to clean the sedimentation tank frequently;

3. A large amount of fine sand loss, greatly reducing the customer’s income.


In order to solve the above problems, our company successfully developed the LZ series fine sand recovery machine, which is an advanced level hydrocyclone sand separator designed to absorb foreign advanced technology and combined with the actual situation of sand powder. It is widely used in hydropower stations, sand and gravel aggregate processing system, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand production line, coal mining plant, coal slurry recovery and mud purification, which can effectively solve the problem of fines recovery.


Working principle

LZ series sand washing hydrocyclone is reasonable in design and convenient to use, which composed of motor, vacuum high pressure pump, sediment separator, dewatering screen, cleaning tank and return tank.


Hydrocyclone sand washing machines


Working process: Pump delivers sand water mixture to high pressure hydrocyclone, and the centrifugally graded fine sand is supplied to  dewatering screen through the grit nozzle. After dewatering, fine sand is effectively separated from the water. And a small amount of fine sand, mud, etc. is returned to cleaning tank through the return tank, and when the liquid level of the cleaning tank is too high, it is discharged through the discharge port. The material concentration after dewatering screen recovers is from 70% to 85%.


Accessory performance


sand separator


1. Dewatering screen panels

With high screening efficiency because of the self-cleaning performance, no plugging. Since the polyurethane elastic screen uses steel wire rope as the skeleton material, and the polyurethane itself has a very high elastic modulus, high strength absorbs impact force and high wear resistance, it has high tensile strength. So its carrying capacity is more than 2.5 times that of rubber screen, its service life is 8-10 times higher than that of ordinary metal screen, 3 times that of stainless steel screen, 3.9 times that of natural rubber, and it is the world’s wear resistance. Very good screen material.


2. Hydrocyclone separator

The separation principle of hydrocyclone separator is centrifugal sedimentation. When the slurry to be separated enters sediment separator from the periphery at a certain pressure, it is forced to make a rotary motion. Due to the different centrifugal force, centripetal buoyancy, fluid force, etc., the solid coarse particles in the slurry overcome the hydraulic resistance to move toward the wall, and under the joint action of their own gravity, the spiral moves downward along the wall. The small particles and most of the water are subjected to the centrifugal force due to the small centrifugal force that is not close to the wall.


3. Slurry pump

It adopts a very new type of vacuum high-pressure pump, which is powered down-pressure, high-efficiency sealing, and the slurry is not easy to leak. The vacuum high pressure pump is a wear-resistant and energy-saving vacuum high pressure pump. Adopting the internationally advanced design theory, it is designed according to the principle of small loss, so that the shape of the flow-through component and the flow state of the slurry reach an ideal state.


4. High efficiency composite spring

The rubber spring spiral composite spring has the characteristics of nonlinearity and structural damping of the rubber spring, and has the characteristics of large deformation and bearing capacity of the metal spring, and its stability and bearing capacity are due to the rubber spring.