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Maintenance of drum screen in garbage treatment plant


drum screen for garbage treatment

Operation management

Before the operation of the drum screen, the following contents should be checked and processed and adjusted:
1) There is no remaining material in the screen cylinder;
2) No serious clogging of the screen surface;
3) The motor and transmission should be intact.
4) No damage, deviation or looseness of the idler.

During the operation of the drum screen, the following should be checked:
1) Continuous and stable receiving;
2) No foreign objects (rods, windings) in the screen cylinder;
3) There is no overheating of the motor or bearing.
When the above abnormal conditions occur during the operation of the drum screen, it should be shut down for maintenance in a timely manner; after the fault is eliminated, it should be idle for 3~5min and then run at full load.
After finishing the screening operation, the residual materials in the drum screen should be removed in time.
The screening capacity of the drum screen should be coordinated and matched with the capacity of the respective previous process equipment.


1 The performance of the drum screen machine should be regularly checked and adjusted.
2 Residues on the transmission part of the screen cylinder (friction wheel or gear) should be removed in time.
3 The drum screen surface should be cleaned, repaired and replaced regularly.

Safe operation

1 The drum sieve drum must be installed with a cover. When the cover is opened or damaged, the drum sieve must not start running.
2 When there is foreign matter stuck or clogged in the drum screen drum, it should be stopped immediately to eliminate the fault.
3 It is strictly forbidden to clean the screen surface by fire.