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Tailings disposal methods


Hydrocyclone + tailings dewatering screen as the new tailings treatment process, which has been gradually developed in recent years. It refers to the tailings slurry outputted by beneficiation process, which is concentrated and then treated by dewatering vibrating screen. The final water content on screen product is usually below 8%, and can be directly transported to a fixed location for dry storage. In this new tailings dewatering process, tailings dewatering screens play a very important role.


Tailings dewatering screen is a dewatering equipment specially developed for the dehydration of metal tailings based on high frequency screen and combined with the characteristics of metal tailings. It is mainly used for dehydration of iron ore, copper, gold and aluminum mine tailings. In practical applications, there are many types of vibrating screens for tailings dewatering, and the parameters are not the same. Therefore, the process effects are not the same.


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Why adopted the dewatering screen for tailings drying?

There are many different dewatering processes for tailings, the equipment commonly used in the past was thickener + filter press system. The process combination is suitable for medium and fine-grain grade materials, and the moisture content of finished products is 15% to 25%. But it is not continuous in drainage, and may require a buffer device. And the filter press is expensive, the filter cloth and pump flow through parts as the mainly wearing parts of this system, with a service life of 1 to 3 months, and only 10 to 20 days if used improperly. Therefore, there are many problems such as large floor space, high power consumption in production and operation, high cost, and large investment.


However, the process of tailings dehydration screen is the most economical and practical way on the market, which has the advantages of small investment, high efficiency, small floor space and low operating cost, and. If used in conjunction with filter press, the area of filter press can be greatly reduced. Due to the significant advantages of this process, it has been widely popularized and applied at home and abroad.


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The functions of dewatering screen in tailings

1. Solved the problem of environmental pollution and occupation of land caused by tailings discharged from traditional tailings.

2. Saving investment costs, floor space and eliminating hidden dangers of tailings ponds, and make full use of self-flowing backwater.

3. LZZG tailings dewatering screen and related treatment technology is innovative, and opening up a new way for tailings stacking and integrated treatment of goaf.


In addition, the tailings dewatering equipment can not only handle various metal tailings, but also has a very good effect on the dehydration treatment of sand and gravel. Generally, as long as the concentration is 8%-30%, the solid content can reach more than 85% after treatment of tailings dewatering sieve, and even some coarse sand can reach more than 90%, which can reach the dry heap, and the water under sieve can be recirculated after sedimentation.