HP Series Cone Crusher

HP series hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in mining cement,

sand stone industry. As secondary and tertiary crusher, it is crushing

all kinds of stones, like ore, metallic rock, bauxite, quartz, basalt and




HP series hydraulic cone crusher is as secondary and tertiary crusheris widely used in mining cement, sand stone crush all kinds of stones like ore, metallic rock, bauxite, quartz, basalt and limestone.

Working principle

Salient features
  • 1. New type HP series hydraulic cone crusher is equipped with insurance cylinder, lock cylinder and promotion cylinder, which not only play the role of insurance equipment, but also can solve mechanical problems without opening the machine.
  • 2. It can adjust room of the outlet, easy to operate and reliable.
  • 3. The chamber is designed with the principle of lamination. In accordance to the rotating speed, it can improve the crushing ratio and capacity, and increase the content of cubic products.
  • 4. When iron feeds into the chamber or there is a sudden stop, the machine can lift the roof automatically, and discharge the material, which largely reduces the trouble of discharging by man. It is easy to maintain and low cost.
  • 5. Hydraulic adjustment and oil lubrication and efficient labyrinth seal radiate the problem of oil-water mixture.
  • 6. The concave and mantle are made of high manganese steel. With the change of cavity type and the protection of material layer, it greatly reduces the wear and its service life is longer than the old cone crusher by 35%-82%.
Technical specification
Model Cavity (coarse/fine) Min discharge setting(mm) Feed opening(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t) Movable cone diameter(mm)
HP-160 C 13 150 120-240 160 13 950
F 6 76 55-180
HP-220 C 13 225 150-430 220 18 1160
F 6 86 90-260
HP-315 C 13 290 190-610 315 26 1400
F 6 100 108-320
HP-400 C 13 320 230-700 400 33 1500
F 6 110 145-430