Vertical Impact Crusher

VSI crusher is designed by reputed German expert,incorporating three crushing types,operating 720 hours continuously.



VSI crusher is designed by reputed German expert and every index is in world’s leading standard. VSI crusher incorporates three crushing types and it can be operated 720 hours continuously. Nowadays, VSI crusher has replaced hammer crusher, roller crusher, roller ball mill, etc. and become the mainstream equipment in sand making business.

Working principle

Salient features
  • 1. Special light oil lubrication system ensures the temperature to be within 25 ℃
  • 2. Brand new automatic protection device provides the machine with vibrating, oil filtering and warning system;
  • 3. New type oil filtering device ensures the bearings and other transmission devices not being abraded and prolong their service time;
  • 4. Optimized design of wearable materials has prolonged the service time of the machine by 40%, so the cost is lowered by more than 40%
  • 5. Better design of the impellers reduces the resistance of materials; high lightens passing through quantity of materials and crushing ratio, so the efficiency is raised by 30%-60% compared to traditional machines.
  • 6. Hydraulic system allows automatic uncovering, which reduces labor intense and makes maintenance easier.
  • 7. The mainframe adopts new techniques, which strengthens the machine structure and tenacity, and ensures stable performance. The quality of the machines is lift to a higher level.
  • 8. VSI crusher employs advanced light oil anti-leakage device, which saves the trouble of changing oil seal.
Technical specification
Model Feed at center&sides Feed at center Soft Material Hard Material REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
Capacity(t/h) Max. Feeding(mm)
VSI7611 120-180 60-90 35 30 1700-1890 4-55×2 Y250M-4/55 4100×2250×2258
VSI8518 200-260 100-130 40 35 1520-1690 4-90×2 Y280M-4/90 4140×2280×2425
VSI9526 300-380 150-190 45 40 1360-1510 4-132×2 Y315M-4/132 4560×2450×2780
VSI1140 450-520 225-260 50 45 1180-1310 4-200×2 Y315L2-4/200 4560×2450×2780