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Common ore dressing form in sand-making production line

The common ore dressing equipment of sand-making production line includes sand-making equipment, crushing equipment, sand washing equipment and ball mill,etc. These machines have different principles, the same truth for handle capability and working efficiency.The specific production line configuration is based on the needs of customers. Today, LZZG will share the information of beneficiation method rather than the composition of ore dressing equipment.

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The first is magnetic separation, which is one of the most common methods, the method to separate the gravel materials in the sand-making production line is to screen the different magnetic fields of the mineral by the ore dressing equipment, in different properties of mineral materials, the material put into the ore dressing equipment for processing, it will meet different forces in the magnetic field of mineral processing equipment, under the function of force to seperate. After processing gravel material will achieve intended seperation in different forces. When using this method, ore dressing equipment need to material properties with slightly attributed magnetism, such as black metal ore mineral: Iron, manganese, chromium, etc. Meanwhile, ore dressing equipment can take full use of its advantages to select some Colored minerals and rare minerals.

The second common method of ore dressing is electric selection. Through the name we can draw a conclusion that what working principle of electric ore method. The same as the seperating principle of magnetic selection, the electric selection method is to seperate on the basis of the composition of gravel material. There are various models in the sand-making production line equipment, and the material is diverse, each gravel has a different gravel conductivity. The working principle of electric selection ore equipment is designed on the basis of this performance of material. The electric ore dressing equipment has a high-pressure electric field, after operator put gravel material into the ore dressing equipment with high pressure electric field in the process of sand-making production line,high-voltage electric fields separate gravel materials according to their different electrical conductivity. Electric selection ore method and Magnetic separation method are suitable for some rare material that can produce conductivity.

Thirdly, Flotation method is more used in the beneficiation method, and its ore dressing method and working principle are different from Electromagnetic separation。The above two ore dressing methods to seperate by material’s physical properties,without any external help. Nevertheless, when seperating, flotation method not only requires the material itself meet the required characteristics, but also the ore dressing equipment has to be helped by flotation agents. After the addition of flotation agents, different minerals and flotation drugs react to make useful materials adhere to the bubbles for separation.

These are the three common ore dressing methods on the production line introduced by LZZG, we hoped that everyone can know about the working principle and features of ore dressing equipment.If you want to know well about the information , contact LZZG.