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What is the application value of dried coal slime?


The coal slime dryer adopts a new technology that first crushes and disperses the coal slime and then thermally dries it, which enables continuous, industrialized and automated coal slime processing. After the slime drying process, the moisture content of the coal slime can be reduced from 25% to 28% to about 12%. Due to the introduction of pre-crushing, dispersing, dispersing and anti-sticking processes into the coal slime drying process, the coal slime drying efficiency has been greatly improved, and it has also brought new vitality to the coal slime drying industry.

The dried coal slime can be mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Used as raw material to process coal slime briquettes for industrial boilers or residential use.

2. As a fuel for the power plant casting industry, it can improve fuel utilization, reduce production costs and increase economic benefits.

3. As an additive in brick factories, it can improve the hardness and compressive strength of bricks.

4. As an additive in cement plants to improve cement performance

5. Coal slime containing certain specific ingredients can be used as chemical raw materials.


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