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What is the application value of dried coal slime?


The coal slime dryer adopts a new technology that first crushes and disperses the coal slime and then thermally dries it, which enables continuous, industrialized and automated coal slime processing. After the ...

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Dolomite washed gravel equipment for sale


This project provides high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for local construction projects. The specifications of the finished materials sold this time include washed machine-made sand 0-5mm, washed gravel 5...

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Why is it so difficult to produce photovoltaic quartz sand?


To produce sand worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan per ton, these two conditions must be met: the advantage of purification technology + the advantage of ore resources. High-tech pu...

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Method for producing kaolin from coal gangue


The raw material for producing kaolin is coal gangue, which is a solid waste generated during coal production and processing. As the industrial solid waste with the largest emissions in China, the annual emis...

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Method for purifying quartz sand by washing with water


After the quartz stone mined from the mine is processed, the product with a general fineness of less than 120 Mesh is called quartz sand. Products over 120Mesh are called quartz powder. The main equipment ...

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