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Maintenance of drum screen in garbage treatment plant


Operation management Before the operation of the drum screen, the following contents should be checked and processed and adjusted: 1) There is no remaining material in the screen cylinder; 2) No serious cl...

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Trommel screen for sorting household garbage


Trommel screens are one of the most commonly used screening equipment for solid waste treatment. The solid waste is classified by particle size using a cylindrical sieve body, and the cylindrical sieve body is ...

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Tailing thickener dry discharge and backfilling process


Concentrated dry discharge and backfilling of tailings refers to the use of concentrated dewatered tailings produced during the beneficiation process to fill the voids produced by underground mining. Tailings b...

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Filter Press for mineral oil, Fertilizer and Chemical Industry


oil or mineral oil filter press In the oil filtering process, frame & plate filter press is the main part of the system. After an increase of temperature of oil, clay added to oil sample and mixed. T...

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Introduction to the installation and commissioning of plate and frame filter press


Installation and commissioning of plate and frame filter press 1. The filter press should be installed on a flat concrete foundation. The thrust plate foot of the feeding end is fixed on the foundation by the ...

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