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What crusher is used in the sand and gravel production line?


Because of the different mine raw materials, the selected sand making machine equipment is also different. For example, for coal-based raw materials, we can choose hammer sand making machines and double-rol...

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Factors that affect the price fluctuations of quartz sand


In 2021, China imported 3.4547 million tons of quartz sand, and the average import price was 320.13 yuan / ton; The export of quartz sand was 82,900 tons, and the average export price was 115.25 yuan / ton. I...

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Where are the gold mines located?


Gold deposits can occur in almost any rock type and formation of any age, but the Precambrian greenstone belt is the most important. The mineralization types of gold are: greenstone belt type (including basic a...

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Construction site uses marble to make artificial sand


In the Yalong River Basin, Jinping II Hydropower Station has built the first spatial curve tape machine and the first sand and gravel processing system in the hydropower industry; It is a breakthrough to fi...

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The method of desalination of sea sand


The presence of salt in sea sand will cause it to induce chloride ions that corrode steel bars when it is used, which will cause harm to the durability of concrete. Therefore, sea sand needs to be desalinated b...

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