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Stone washer for washing high clay content ore


Ore washing is a process of scrubbing the ore cemented by clay or containing more mud by hydraulic or mechanical force, so that the ore is broken up, and the fine mud on the surface of the ore is washed off and...

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Solutions to common faults of hydrocyclone


Fault 1: Linear discharge Phenomenon: Too much material under the discharge nozzle Solution: cut off the solid feed; switch to a large discharge nozzle; check whether the discharge nozzle and the inlet nozzle...

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Analysis of failures of the fine sand recovery machine


The fine sand recovery machine is currently an important equipment in the fine sand production line. It can recover most of the fine sand, which has a great impact on the quality and grade of the sand. The foll...

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The difference between river sand, machine-made sand, and tailings sand


At present, there are many types of sand on the market, and the price difference is relatively large. You need to understand them when buying sand River sand properties and uses. River sand River sand is a...

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Definition of common terms used in vibrating screen


List of professional terms for vibrating screen efficiency of screening The index used to evaluate the screening effect Mark efficiency of dewatering The index used to assess the effect of dehydratio...

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