Mining Tumble Dryer

tumble dryer

The working principle of barite dryer

When the barite dryer is working, the barite is sent to the hopper by the conveying equipment and sent to the feeding end of the barite dryer by the feeder, and smoothly enters the cylinder through the inclined feeding pipeline. The cylinder rotates slowly during the working process, and is inclined at a certain angle to the horizontal line. The barite enters the cylinder from the high end, and travels slowly to the low end under the action of gravity. The drying of the barite is completed during the contacting process. In addition, there is a copying plate in the cylinder, which can continuously pick up and sprinkle the barite material, which greatly increases the contact area between the barite and the heat carrier, and improves the drying rate.

barite dryer

The performance characteristics of barite dryer

1. Low investment cost: The degree of automation is relatively high, the size of the equipment is relatively small, the weight is relatively light, the transportation is easy, and the infrastructure cost is low.

2. High yield: The design of the special lifting plate device greatly improves the passing ability of the barite material, makes the material fully contact with the heat source, and greatly improves the drying efficiency of the barite.

3. Energy saving and consumption reduction: The cylinder has good thermal insulation function, low thermal energy loss, high utilization rate, less electricity, and less fuel waste, realizing the production purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

4. Reliable quality: The cylinder and other devices are made of advanced wear-resistant materials, which have very good impact resistance and high temperature resistance, the operation process is very stable, and can withstand long-term tests. super long.

5. Green environmental protection: The design of the special noise reduction and dustproof device makes the equipment less dust and noise during the drying process, and truly achieves the goal of green environmental protection.


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