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Iron tailings recycling technology


Uses of iron tailings sand

In the early days, the treatment of iron tailings mostly adopted the method of wet discharge, and the tailings were directly stored in the tailings pond. This discharge method has been banned by the state. Therefore, before we can fully utilize the tailings sand, we must first dry it.

Dry tailings discharge refers to the use of a series of dewatering equipment such as slurry pumps, hydrocyclones, thickeners, high-frequency dewatering screens, and chamber filter presses to reduce the moisture content of tailings to below 15%. The tailings treatment method greatly saves the traditional tailings pond construction costs and routine maintenance costs, realizes the full utilization of the backwater, and avoids the risks of dam failure, flooding and dam collapse of the tailings pond.

1. Magnetic separation method

The iron in some iron tailings occurs in magnetite and weakly magnetic hematite and limonite, while the gangue minerals are mainly non-magnetic quartz and calcite. Iron in tailings.

After 2-3 stages of magnetic separation, for example, high gradient magnetic separation method is used for pre-concentration of magnetic minerals, and it is used in conjunction with the shaking table process or centrifuge process of gravity separation method to obtain iron concentrate or ilmenite concentrate.

2. Reselection method

In the gravity separation method for iron tailings re-separation and recovery of iron, the spiral chute is used for the pre-casting of the iron tailings, and the shaking table is used for the re-selection of the strong magnetic separation concentrate. When dealing with fine-grained ore, the recovery rate of the concentrate of the shaker is low. At this time, the centrifuge can often be used in conjunction with the strong magnetic separator, which is suitable for the upgrading of 35-45 grade iron concentrate.


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