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LZZG will launch EPC aggregate production line construction service


This year, based on the seamless connection of previous business and after-sales, Longzhong Heavy Industry has improved again in terms of planning and design, project connection, time efficiency, etc., and will gradually formulate standards for the construction of EPC aggregate production lines to provide customers Build higher specification EPC projects.

The EPC general contracting mode of the sand and gravel production line, from design and planning, to the construction of a complete sand and gravel production line covering crushing, screening, washing, recycling, tail water treatment, etc. Including host equipment provision, steel structure foundation platform construction. Pipeline connection, electrical control construction, installation and commissioning, production and operation, etc., can customize a complete set of intelligent monitoring system, real-time monitoring and quantitative data such as raw materials, finished products, water, electricity, etc., and upload to the cloud, realize remote monitoring with the help of mobile phones.

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What are the advantages of EPC project general contracting?

1. Reduce the risk of the owner. For the owner, the design, procurement and construction of the project can be entrusted to a competent and experienced general contractor for organization and implementation with only one centralized bidding. The project risk is greatly reduced, and the workload of the owner is greatly reduced.

2. Design-led. Emphasizing and giving full play to the leading role of design in the entire project construction process is conducive to the continuous optimization of the overall project construction plan and the realization of overall construction arrangements.

3. Division of labor and cooperation, professional control. Effectively overcome the contradiction of mutual restriction and disconnection between design, procurement, and construction, which is conducive to the reasonable connection of work at various stages, realizes that the cost, schedule and quality control of construction projects conform to the contract of engineering contract, and ensures that the owner obtains better investment benefits.

4. It is convenient to coordinate and shorten the construction period. The general contracting by a company greatly reduces the management and coordination work of the owner; and because the design and construction are the same unit, the engineering changes will be reduced accordingly, and the construction period will be shorter.


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