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Standard production requirements for machine-made sand


Machine-made sand is mainly made of stones after soil removal treatment, and then pulverized by a crusher.

When the machine-made sand is produced and processed, the raw materials of machine-made sand such as pebbles are transported into the machine-made sand machine, such as the sand making machine. Mining equipment requires fine particles for crushed materials. Generally speaking, for needle-like materials entering the mill, they are more likely to be ground.



The requirements for crushed stone are the opposite of the above, and the requirements for its particle size and particle size are very strict. The reason is that the cubic sand has a mutual locking effect between the particles due to its edges and corners. The continuous grading of sand can greatly reduce the voids. At the same time, the cubic sand occupies a larger surface area than the round sand, so that the asphalt and the material or the cement and the material stick together to reduce the possibility of displacement.

Among the raw materials of machine-made sand, the ores we can choose include granite, basalt, cobblestone, andesite, rhyolite, diabase, diorite, sandstone and limestone. The quality of the machine-made sand made from different ores is also different. At present, many machine-made sands are made of pebbles and granite in the industry.


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