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The market prospect of iron tailings sand making is great


With the increasing management and control of sand and gravel resources, comprehensive utilization of tailings and ecological restoration of mines have become hot topics in the past two years.

Jingcheng Mining’s fine crushing mine processes 20 million tons of raw ore per year, with a processing capacity of about 2,000 tons per hour. At this stage, Jingcheng Mining actually mines about 70 million tons of ore per year, and it will gradually increase in the future. In terms of production process selection, the gyratory crusher is the first choice for large-scale crushing production.
The tailings fine crushing uses a domestic new type of cone crusher, but the production efficiency and stability have been greatly improved.

At present, the preparation of sand and gravel aggregates from tailings has been carried out. The crushed products are classified and screened by particle size, and the lean and waste mines with low iron content are used to process sand and gravel aggregates. The 0.35-3mm section in the tailings has been classified to produce washed sand.

The newly built crushing station will produce about 30 million tons of sand and gravel aggregates each year, which will greatly help alleviate the shortage of sand and gravel aggregate raw materials.

From the analysis of the existing data, the demand for sand and gravel resources is huge, and the market prospect of producing sand and gravel aggregates from tailings is very large.


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