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What crusher is used in the sand and gravel production line?


Because of the different mine raw materials, the selected sand making machine equipment is also different. For example, for coal-based raw materials, we can choose hammer sand making machines and double-roll sand making machines when configuring. For different ores Raw materials, the allocation of efficient, professional, energy-saving production lines is what investors value. Facing the configuration problem of the sand and gravel production line, the finished stones produced by the configured sand and gravel production line have a hexagonal appearance, which is very suitable for domestic high-standard engineering use.

The brand-new hydraulic impact sand making machine is used as the secondary crushing equipment of the sand and gravel production line, combined with the hammer head and liner made of foreign high-efficiency wear-resistant materials, which greatly increases the wear resistance of the equipment; sand and gravel The production line is composed of vibrating feeder, jaw sand making machine, impact sand making machine, vibrating screen, etc. The specifications and models are selected according to the characteristics, quality and output of the stone, and dust removal devices can also be equipped according to requirements.


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