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LZZG will launch EPC aggregate production line construction service


This year, based on the seamless connection of previous business and after-sales, Longzhong Heavy Industry has improved again in terms of planning and design, project connection, time efficiency, etc., and will...

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Iron tailings recycling technology


Uses of iron tailings sand In the early days, the treatment of iron tailings mostly adopted the method of wet discharge, and the tailings were directly stored in the tailings pond. This discharge method has be...

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Standard production requirements for machine-made sand


Machine-made sand is mainly made of stones after soil removal treatment, and then pulverized by a crusher. When the machine-made sand is produced and processed, the raw materials of machine-made sand such as...

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Reasons for cracks in linear vibrating screen


During the working process, there are many fatigue cracks in the linear vibrating screen, mainly on the side plate, bottom beam, girder, and other components. Through the analysis of the reasons of each part, t...

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The market prospect of iron tailings sand making is great


With the increasing management and control of sand and gravel resources, comprehensive utilization of tailings and ecological restoration of mines have become hot topics in the past two years. Jingcheng Mini...

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