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Recovery of barite and quartz from lead and zinc tailings


Many lead-zinc tailings still contain many valuable components, such as lead, zinc, sulfur, iron, barite, feldspar, quartz, mica, etc. The types, contents and respective occurrence states of valuable components...

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The difference between gravity separation and flotation beneficiation process


Introduction to gravity beneficiation First, the raw materials should be crushed and ground into fine particles with a fineness of less than 0.2mm, and then the flotation agent is added and stirred evenly in...

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The output size of several rock crushers


Outlet size of rock crusher There are a lot of crusher equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, compound crusher, etc., but not all of them are suitable for the crushing of...

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Tungsten selection process and equipment of tungsten ore


The color of wolframite ranges from light to dark, ranging from brown to black, with metallic or semi-metallic luster. The main components are tungsten, manganese and iron, and the tungsten content can reach mo...

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Application of Coal Gangue Sand Making


Although coal gangue is a solid waste, it has low carbon content, so its hardness is high. After being processed by a sand making machine, the size of the finished product is relatively uniform, and the compres...

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