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Hydrocyclone sand washing machine


Hydrocyclone sand washing machine is used to wash and recover the sand dissolved in the water that comes from washing the aggregates through sediment separation and fine sand extraction, so they are also called...

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Sand washing machine design


LZZG sand washing machine design is based on the changing requirements of sand washing industry, and absorbed the foreign technologies on sand processing equipment. Sand washing machine is composed of high pres...

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High frequency vibrating screen for dewatering


Dewatering screen is designed for the process of washing, dehydration, desliming and fines recovery that can be widely used for sand and gravel industry, sand and gravel plant, aggregate processing plant, water...

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Dewatering screen maintenance


Dewatering screen is widely used in the washing, dehydration, de-intermediation, de-sludge for sand, quartz sand, tailings treatment, coal, mud, and carbon slurry separation. Especially suitable for the treatme...

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Tailings disposal methods


Hydrocyclone + tailings dewatering screen as the new tailings treatment process, which has been gradually developed in recent years. It refers to the tailings slurry outputted by beneficiation process, which is...

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