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High-efficiency filter press for treating gypsum tailings


At present, the outstanding environmental protection problems in the phosphorus chemical industry are reflected in: First: the comprehensive utilization rate of phosphorus tailings is only about 7%, and a large number of phosphorus tailings can only be stored in the tailing pond for a long time. Storage will have a greater impact on the surrounding environment; second: the current stockpile of phosphogypsum exceeds 500 million tons, and the annual production volume is increasing by more than 50 million tons.

Phosphogypsum is currently mainly used as a retarder and additive to make low-end building materials such as low-end gypsum boards and non-burning bricks. Its 20% comprehensive utilization rate is far from the target of more than 40%.

In the field of comprehensive utilization of phosphate tailings and phosphogypsum, currently in use are chamber diaphragm filter presses, ceramic filters, belt filters and other equipment, but the overall moisture content is relatively high, and real phosphate tailings drying cannot be achieved. Row. In particular, the washing efficiency is low and the water and energy consumption is extremely high. The total phosphorus content in phosphogypsum cannot be economically and effectively reduced to the economic and technical requirements of phosphogypsum comprehensive utilization enterprises, which seriously affects the deep and high-end utilization of phosphogypsum.

While ensuring low cake moisture content and high productivity, the filter press realizes the filter cake non-short-circuit washing and filtering function, and the washing water and energy consumption is much lower than that of traditional filter equipment. The washing efficiency reaches more than 95%, and the soluble phosphorus content is reduced from 0.6% to below 0.1% after washing with 0.1-0.3 times of clean water, which provides a new purification method for improving the level of high-end resource utilization of phosphogypsum.


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