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Iron tailings treatment to filling the goaf


In recent years, with the rapid development of backfill mining method and filling technology, the use of tailings to fill the stope’s iron tailings treatment method for ecological restoration has been widely used. Because some mine terrain is not suitable for building tailings ponds, the use of iron tailings to fill the goaf provides an effective and economical method for them.

There are two common methods for filling the goaf with iron tailings:

Full tailings cemented filling technology: This method mixes dehydrated iron tailings with cement, fly ash, etc. to form a filling aggregate, and uses a pipeline to send the filling slurry to the mining and filling area for filling;

High-water consolidation full tailings filling technology: This method will separate the first material mainly made of aluminate and sulphoaluminate and the second material mainly made of anhydrite, quicklime and coagulant, and then the Before mixing, the filling slurry is sent to the mining and filling area by the automatic flow of the pipeline.

Another advantage of filling the goaf with iron tailings is that it helps mine repairs. Zn, Mn, Cu, Mo, V and other trace elements contained in iron tailings are essential elements to maintain plant growth and development. It can be seen that planting vegetation on iron tailings is not only conducive to stabilizing and reducing soil erosion, but also promoting the growth of vegetation and effectively restoring the ecological environment of the area.

Optimizing the treatment of iron tailings and comprehensively recycling and utilizing them can make fuller use of mineral resources, increase mine recovery rates, prevent pollution from the source, and protect the ecology.


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