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Solutions to common faults of hydrocyclone


Fault 1: Linear discharge
Phenomenon: Too much material under the discharge nozzle
Solution: cut off the solid feed; switch to a large discharge nozzle; check whether the discharge nozzle and the inlet nozzle are blocked.

Fault 2: Abnormal super granularity
Solution: If the outlet is large and the underflow nozzle is severely worn, replace the appropriate underflow nozzle; if the feeding density is too large, check for blockages; if the feeding is reverse flow, replace the wear parts.

Fault 3: Vibration
Treatment method: air suction occurs, use the suction pipe; the material volume is large, and the feed/cyclone parameters are changed; linear discharge, control the inlet; the overflow pipe is deformed, and the overflow pipe is replaced.

classification hydrocyclone
Fault 4: Underflow density is too low

Solution: If the feeding condition of the cyclone is incorrect, replace the discharge nozzle/overflow pipe; if the size of the discharge nozzle is incorrect, use a discharge nozzle with the correct size.

Fault 5: Can’t reach the classification point/capability
Solution: The feed size is incorrect, change the feed/cyclone parameters.

Fault 6: High wear rate
Solution: Too much flow-too much pressure drop, change the feeding situation or cyclone parameters; 2 stage operation / need a large size cyclone, change the cyclone parameters; feed material is highly abrasive, replace the manufacturing material.

Fault 7: Unstable performance
Solution: unbalanced material distribution, use the correct distributor; blockage, check blockage.

Fault 8: The cyclone is blocked
Solution: The mismatched materials enter the cyclone and check the sieve holes.

Fault 9: Operating pressure swings in a large range
Solution: pump and cyclone are unbalanced, isolate the cyclone to reach a stable operating pressure or reset the pump speed.

Fault 10: Underflow density is too low
Solution: The discharge nozzle is worn or too large, replace with a suitable discharge nozzle.

Hydrocyclone operation method.


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