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Stone washer for washing high clay content ore


Ore washing is a process of scrubbing the ore cemented by clay or containing more mud by hydraulic or mechanical force, so that the ore is broken up, and the fine mud on the surface of the ore is washed off and separated.

Why wash ore? In the process of ore formation, the ore is in full contact with soil and other materials. Washing can prevent the muddy material in the mud-containing mineral raw materials from blocking the crushing and screening equipment. In addition, ore washing can also wash away soluble useful or harmful components.

Equipment for ore washing

Roller screen

It is composed of a closed cylinder and a double-layer drum screen connected to the end of the cylinder.

The ore pulp is soaked in water in the drum screen and collides and rubs against each other during rotation to dissociate the clay and ore. At the same time, high-pressure water is introduced to wash away the sludge; the ore pulp is passed through a double-layer drum screen to divide the material into three coarse, medium and fine particles. Grade, the fine-grained product merges with the wash overflow.

This equipment has high ore washing efficiency and can complete the dual tasks of ore washing and screening at one time. It is suitable for medium washable and hard-to-wash ore, but is not suitable for processing ore with less lumps and more mud.

vibratory stone washer

Vibrating ore washing screen

Grid screens, bar screens, roller screens and vibrating screens can be used as ore washing equipment when equipped with pressure flushing water pipes, which are suitable for processing ore with low mud content and weak cohesiveness.

Spiral washing machine
It is also called trough washing machine. It has cutting and scrubbing effects on materials, and has a strong crushing effect on small mud lumps. It is suitable for processing difficult ores that are not too dense, ore blocks have a medium particle size, and contain a lot of mud. Washable ore, such as the pulping of kaolin and the washing of medium and fine-grained materials and silica sand. The equipment has large processing capacity and high ore washing efficiency, and is suitable for processing materials below 75mm. The flushing water pressure is required to be 147-196kPa.


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