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500-ton granite sand washing plant plan design

Xin’an County Stone Factory needs a set of sand washing system with large output, and has higher requirements for sand and gravel processing equipment, so it finally chooses to cooperate with LZZG.

The sand production line of the sand and gravel factory is a whole assembly line equipment designed for stone processing, which integrates crushing, screening and transportation.

sand washing plant

The technological process of the stone production line with an output of 500 tons per hour is as follows:

Detailed analysis of the scheme of limestone production line in 500-ton sand and gravel plant.

Granite “HD125 jaw Crusher” (2 sets) “vibrating screen” Intermediate material Bunker “SC250 (S) single cylinder Cone Crusher (2 sets)” vibrating screen “impact Deep

Cavity Sand shaping Machine” Fine Sand aggregate.

Finished product specifications: 0-2.36mm, 2.36-4.75mm, 4.75-10mm, 10-20mm.

Processing technology: wet sand (water-washed sand).

Capacity: 500 tons per hour.

granite sand washing plant

Before setting up the sand production line of the 500-ton sand and gravel factory, the engineer design team of Longzhong heavy Industry Group went to the site for many times and finally overcome various difficulties through unremitting efforts. As scheduled, zero accident, high standards completed the installation, commissioning and operation of the production line.
The project was officially put into production in 2020, and the actual output is 500 tons at present. The equipment selected in the production line are all the main models of Longzhong heavy Machinery Group. With the substantial increase in market demand for sand and gravel aggregate, the project has been successfully delivered, bringing excellent economic benefits and social reputation to customers.

General situation of production line.

The project, located in the far suburb of Xin’an, Henan Province, meets the safety and environmental protection standards and produces 500t sand and gravel per hour. It is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, single cylinder cone crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine, fine sand recovery machine, vibrating screen and belt machine. The finished products are designed with specifications of 0-2.36mm, 2.36-4.75mm, 4.75-10mm and 10-30mm.

At the same time, supporting the construction of digital green mines, the use of information means to create digital mines, intelligent factories, green logistics.
After the project is completed and put into production, it will bring more economic benefits to Xin’an City.

Longzhong heavy Industry designs the wet machine-made sand production line for customers according to customer demand and local operating environment, with large production capacity, good gradation continuity, mature sand production process, stable and reliable equipment performance, and high level of overall production technology and process equipment.
The centralized layout of the production line not only saves the land area, but also facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the equipment.


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