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What kind of magnetic separator is used in the sand making plant

The magnetic separation method is one of the effective methods to remove iron-containing impurities in quartz sand, so as to remove weak magnetic impurity minerals such as hematite, limonite, and biotite, including conjoined particles, as much as possible. A full set of equipment for the production of quartz sand is usually used for wet magnetic separators or high gradient magnetic separators.

Generally speaking, for the quartz whose impurities are mainly weak magnetic impurity minerals such as limonite, hematite, biotite, etc., it can be selected by using a wet strong magnetic machine above 10000 GS; for the impurities mainly containing magnetite For strong magnetic minerals, it is better to use a weak magnetic machine or a medium magnetic machine for sorting.

In order to further remove a small amount of other weakly magnetic minerals (such as amphibole, pyroxene, and the conjoint of magnetic minerals and quartz), a high-gradient magnetic separator with a magnetic field strength greater than 12,000 gausses can be used for secondary magnetic separation.

silica sand equipment
Installation of drum magnetic separator

There are two types of drum magnetic separators: single drum and double drum. The installation method of various drum magnetic separators is the same. Equipment acceptance, disassembly cleaning, and adjustment should be carried out before hoisting. The adjustment contents include gear meshing, bearing clearance, and the relative position of the drum and the tank body.

The installation generally adopts the overall hoisting. The installation accuracy requirements are as follows: the limit deviation of the centerline of the equipment is ±3mm, and the limit deviation of the elevation is ±5mm; for the magnetic separators installed in rows, the centerline straightness tolerance is 3mm, and the relative elevation difference is not more than 3mm.


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