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Sand and aggregate processing system for hydropower station

Baihetan wasteland sand and gravel system engineering is a comprehensive engineering project involving system construction, stockyard mining, aggregate processing, normal temperature and pre-cooled concrete production and supply, and other fields.

The sand and gravel system is located near the gentle slope of barren fields about 3.5 kilometers downstream of the dam site of Baihetan Hydropower Station on the left bank. About 4.77 million cubic meters of concrete production tasks for projects such as systems, water cushion ponds, and Erdao dams.

sand making system hydropower station

Gezhouba Road and Bridge Company organized experts to conduct a detailed survey of the hydrometeorological, geological structure, topography, and other conditions of the project location and deeply grasped the sand and gravel’s internal and external environmental characteristics system. , energy-saving and environmental protection and other characteristics, successfully passed the review of the owner review group.

In the case of insufficient water supply and delayed power supply, the company overcame the difficulties of the construction organization, and finally completed the single operation and commissioning task of the equipment in the system such as the jaw crusher, bar feeder, cone crusher, vertical shaft crusher, etc. The conditions for system linkage debugging and trial operation were met within the required time, and first-class hydropower sand and gravel system was created, which was officially put into operation in March 2013.

Characteristics of sand and gravel aggregate processing system

The construction of Baihetan wasteland sand and gravel system adopts the special rock aggregate production needle flake content control technology, which ensures that the stone particle size is significantly improved, effectively improves the working performance of concrete such as pump ability, reduces the difficulty of building control, and further Achieve the effect of reducing the waste rate and ensuring the production capacity of the mixing building. In more than seven years, the concrete required for the construction of the Baihetan Project was successfully completed.

Adhere to the concept of green environmental protection to create a green sand and gravel system

During the construction and operation of the Baihetan wasteland sand and gravel system, Gezhouba Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the concept of green environmental protection, built a green sand and gravel system, and used practical actions to help China achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

The engineering design plan makes full use of the topography to rationally plan the site and creates an environment-friendly and ecologically recycled sand and gravel system.

The amount of wastewater discharged from the sand and gravel processing system is large, and the suspended solids are far higher than the national surface water discharge standards.
By setting up a wastewater pretreatment workshop, the coarse particles in the wastewater are separated in advance, and the subsequent water treatment pressure is reduced;
Adopt the treatment process of “pretreatment + radial-flow sedimentation tank” to solve the stubborn problems of sedimentation and mud hardening of sand and gravel processing wastewater;
The box filter press is used to solve the problem of sludge dewatering. The average recovery rate of the treated water is above 93%, and the water resource saving is above 96%.

LZZG can provide a complete set of sand and gravel treatment equipment, including rock crushing machine, screening equipment, sand making, sand washing equipment, sewage treatment equipment. We can design sand-making plant drawings, install and debug equipment for customers.
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