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How to design a high-quality aggregate production line

Particle gradation, stone powder and mud block content, apparent density, and moisture content can be achieved by selecting a suitable production process.

1. The particle shape must meet the standard.

2. The grading should be reasonable.

High-quality machine-made sand must not only meet the sand requirements of commercial concrete, but also meet the requirements of higher standards for ready-mixed mortar sand (ready-mixed mortar is an inevitable requirement in the future, and on-site mixing will be gradually eliminated in the next few years). Reasonable continuous grading can meet the needs of high-quality concrete.

The grading of aggregate production plant

3. Soil content up to standard

The fifth condition for the success of the sand and gravel aggregate production line is that the aggregate product of the production line must meet the requirements of soil content. High-quality concrete has higher and higher requirements for soil content. Some mines contain less soil on the surface, while others contain more soil. Different processes need to be adopted in different situations. Otherwise, it will cause the failure of the project or increase the huge cost of post-transformation.

The ore characteristics of the mine determine many quality characteristics of the sand and gravel products in the future. These can not be changed by changing the process flow of the production line. For example, the strength index and the content of needle-shaped finished products are also largely related to the characteristics of the ore. In addition, Alkali active substance content, mud content, etc.

aggregate production line

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