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How to adjust the cyclone to improve the efficiency

The size of the feeding port will affect the working efficiency and production capacity of the hydrocyclone. Too large or too small a feeding port is not conducive to the classification effect. If the feeding particle size is relatively coarse and the feeding pressure is low, the ratio of the feeding port to the diameter of the hydrocyclone can be slightly larger, generally, 0.16-0.20 is appropriate.

hydrocyclone separator

Increase the feeding pressure within the pressure range specified by the cyclone, and adjust the frequency conversion number of the ore pump to the required level.

Another way is to enlarge the grit chamber of the cyclone. If the ore feeding pressure is rough within the calibrated range, we can change the grit chamber to a larger model to reduce this phenomenon.

If the grit nozzle of the cyclone is blocked, it may also cause the overflow to become larger. When the pressure of the cyclone is unstable, the equipment will vibrate violently, so this requires us to encounter this situation. To be cleaned up in time.

When the ore feeding pressure of the cyclone is lower than the sand concentration within the specified range, the sand chamber can be replaced with a small one to reduce this phenomenon.


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