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Production process and equipment of micro silicon powder


Micro-silica powder is a high value-added by-product of smelting industrial silicon and ferrosilicon alloys. It is often used in refractory materials and cement concrete, as well as grouting and mortar. Micro-silica fume has a pozzolanic reaction in concrete, and the silica-rich gel formed by the hydration of micro-silica fume is stronger than Ca(OH)2 crystals. The hydration gel CSH works together.

Micro-silica fume has relatively high activity. At the same time, micro-silica fume is used to fill particle voids in cement concrete, increase bulk density, increase strength and reduce porosity, and achieve the purpose of reducing water and enhancing. This is the working principle of micro-silica fume.

The quality standard of micro-silica powder:

The content of micro-silica fume>85%, the carbon of the micro-silica fume contains part of the air-entraining agent in the concrete, so the loss on ignition <=7% (control the carbon and water content) again is that the fineness of the micro-silica fume should be controlled within 45 UM, large particles, sieve weight below 10%.

The particle size of microsilica fume is 100 times smaller than that of cement particles. It is filled in the voids of cement particles, and its effect is the same as that of cement particles filling between aggregates, increasing the density of concrete. However, one of the prerequisites for these effects of micro-silica fume is to be well dispersed in concrete. The higher the performance of micro-silica powder, the higher the active SIO2 content, and the lower the content of other non-SIO2 impurities.

vibratory stone washer

Production method of micro silicon powder

1. The main equipment for producing quartz powder by dry method includes stone crushing machine, grinder, vibrating screen, etc. The technological process is that the quartz stone material is processed into smaller stones by a knocking stone machine, and the stones are processed by a grinder to process sand, and then sieved through a vibrating screen. During the sieving process, a magnet rod and a row of magnets are used to remove iron, and then packed Finished warehousing.

2. The main equipment for producing quartz powder by water method includes stone crushing machine, stone mill, roasting room, vibrating screen, waterway system, etc.

Silica sand use: water glass, silicon compound preparation material. Used as a masking film and protective layer for impurity diffusion in transistors and integrated circuits, and made of silicon dioxide film for integrated circuit devices.


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