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Tunnel engineering waste slag crushing processing equipment and process

The tunnel engineering waste

The tunnel engineering waste slag crushing process is mainly composed of three steps: sorting, crushing and screening. Process flow 1. Sorting: The discarded materials in the tunnel are generally mixed with some st...

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Equipment line of silica sand production process

Silica sand making equipment line with an output of 200 tons per hour. Main equipment: crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen + feeder + sand washing machine. Working principle of silica sand production equipm...

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Process of beneficiation production line of molybdenum ore

jaw crusher

For a single molybdenum ore, the flotation method can be used to enrich the molybdenum concentrate. In the single molybdenum ore raw ore, the molybdenum grade is very low, usually only 0.01-4%, while the molybdenum conce...

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Copper ore crushing and beneficiation equipment


In nature, copper ore generally contains a mixture of copper sulfide and copper oxide. Concentrators usually use flotation to improve the ore grade, so that pure copper can be smelted later. A variety of mining equipment...

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Principle of construction waste recycling production line

Construction waste sand production line

Various construction wastes are sent to the crusher to be broken into particles of different sizes, and construction dust and steel bars are spit out from two outlets. The remaining material is conveyed to the screening ...

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