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Lognzhong sand washing machine, reliable quality, reasonable price, low power consumption


Taking into account environmental issues, factory, sand washing machine outfall elaborate design, effectively reduce the loss of fine sand, reduce unnecessary waste, water discharged after precipitation can recycling, no...

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Advantages and disadvantages of sand washing machine


Advantages and disadvantages of sand washing machine. Sand washing machine has been sand washing equipment in the industry darling, it is relatively wide field of use, sand washing equipment has gradually become the ...

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How long is the service life of the dewater screen plate?


For many users of dewater screen, sieve plate quality is very vital, because the sieve plate directly affects the quality of production, reducing the economic benefits. Although sieve plate once damaged, you can just rep...

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Sand washing machine maintenance is not trivial


China has always been the identity of the industrial countries in the world, of course. In recent years, China's industrial construction in a perfect, between each system is in continuous integration, take industrial use...

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Excellent Sand Sieving Machine Exported To Southeast Asia


LZZG is a large sand sieving machine factory, which is an international company with specialized sutomerized solutions for decades. Our products are mainly used in mining, coal, metallurgy, construction, chemistry, elect...

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